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Building Micro Apps With Citrix Workspace & DreamFactory E-Book

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API Generation For Micro Apps

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Ashwin Shankar
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“DreamFactory lets us focus on what we do best and not worry about building our own REST API integration, backend security, and mobile app deployment tools.”

What Is A Micro App

Access the portion of the application you need without leaving your workspace

It is entirely possible you’ve never heard of the term “microapp”. In a nutshell, a micro app is an application that does precisely what a particular employee or department requires. They perform custom and specific tasks without having to enter a monolith application. It typically consists of three components: 

  • Authentication layer
  • CRUD Functionality
  • Notification Layer

This paves the way for convenient interactions whether the employee is seated at their desk or walking through the airport with phone in hand. Interactions with microapps tend to require less than one minute of an employee’s time.  

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